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The free AI tool that automates the process of SEO

seo Mar 03, 2023

This amazing free tool uses AI to automate SEO optimization

If you had told me a few years ago that I could just ask an online tool to "SEO optimize" my website, and it would do it all for me, I'd think you were insane.

Increasing Google search traffic to a website used to be a painful, tedious process that required lots of manual research.

Now, with Artificial Intelligence, that process has gotten a whole lot easier.


It's time to put the robots to work for you!

I wanted to share a powerful free tool I've been using that completely automates the process of optimizing your website for Google.

This tool analyzes your domain, then gives you weekly tips telling you exactly what changes you need to make in order to increase your website traffic.


It also automatically writes new content for you, and automatically tracks how effective the changes you made were.

Believe it or not, it's also free (for most people.)

Check it out here.



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The Fatal Advertising Mistake That Kills Campaigns (That I Still Make)

There's a common advertising mistake people make whether they're experienced at marketing or not. This mistake can tank campaigns before they even begin, and can even destroy entire businesses if steps aren't taken right away.

Even though I should know better, this is a mistake I continue to make on a regular basis. 

So, what is the mistake I'm referencing? 

It's simple: I launch advertising campaigns before they're even close to ready, just to "see what happens."

In the excitement and optimism that comes with getting a new product or service out into the world, I get overly optimistic about what I just created, because it's fresh in my head and I think the world will see it as I do. I delude myself into thinking that all I need to do is get my idea out into the world without thinking through a solid marketing plan.

In short, my brain wants to see the reward for the hard work I put into creating something, and launching a...

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The Hidden Inspiration We All Share

I recently went back to my childhood home, which I do quite often, and my mom had unearthed a few boxes of my old projects and assignments from elementary school that I hadn't seen in many, many years.

As I looked through the things I had written and drawn back then, I was taken aback. Yes, my writing was full of spelling and grammatical errors, and yes for the most part the "art" looked like it was done by an 8 year old, but there was something special about the spirit behind it all that I couldn't shake.

It was the unbridled creativity inspiring the ideas and drawings that made me realize just how uncreative I had become. It didn't matter that the execution wasn't perfect, because the true power of what I created back then was the limitless innocence and optimism that oozed out of it.

It was very inspiring to me to see that I once had that unconstrained ability, and so I wondered where it had gone. Why is it so difficult for me to be as naturally...

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How To Outsource Your Way Out Of Being "Stuck"

Is there a project you're working on right now that feels like it's never going to get done?

Are you procrastinating and filling time with unrelated busy work just because the thing you know you actually need to do makes your head spin?

If you've paid attention to me over time, you'll recall one of the strategies I preach about when you encounter a roadblock is to remember that your best is enough, and that the way you want to do it is the only thing that matters.


But, sometimes that's not enough.

Sometimes, there are roadblocks that keep coming up that you can't "do your best" out of, either because you don't have the experience or because it's just that overwhelming.

What's the best thing to do in that situation, to get back on track and stop spinning your wheels?

The solution is simple, but it's a "dirty" word to many of you.

Many people even think this is cheating.

But, the fact is, many people just have a...

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The Best Service For Acquiring Natural SEO Links - OutreachPete

I have a high value website that ranks well on Google and gets a ton of organic traffic.

The crazy thing is, that website has done almost all of that on its own.

It's been around for a long time (decade +), but I had never paid attention to SEO and have never spent time any time or energy maximizing the website's SEO value. 

I just didn't have the time.

I also was deftly afraid of angering Google by going against their terms and artificially inflating my website with temporary "high value links." This website was and is way too valuable to mess with anything "black hat."

I decided to find out what I could actually do legitimately when I realized how much extra room there was to grow and get even more of the free "SEO" traffic everyone craves!

Getting SEO value

First, I tackled the "on-site" SEO, where I paid attention to site & page structure and optimized for best practices. Since I didn't have the time or the up-to-date expertise, I did...

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My Favorite Tool For Automating Facebook Ads

Those of you who have experience with Facebook Ads know that it can be a pain to manage large amounts of campaigns, ad sets & ads.

(If you don't have experience, that's ok. This is valuable information to know as you grow on your journey, and something to keep in mind when you start having success and start realizing managing ads is not the best use of your precious time!)

You are likely familiar with the "rules" you can create on the Facebook Ads platform that are meant to help offload tedious work. But, you also know it can be difficult to know how to properly structure those rules to manage things effectively.

A ton of startups have popped up to help you understand the process of automating ads, but one stands above the rest in my experience & opinion.

Enter: RevealBot

[Enter discount code REVEALFRIENDS for 30% off the first month]

I run content arbitrage (link click traffic campaigns) that focus on getting visitors at a...

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If You're Not Using Sendy For Your Email Newsletters You're Wasting Money


Do you plan on having a simple email newsletter that you send daily, semi-daily or just relatively often? Or, do you plan to in the near future?

Are you using one of the many services like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Active Campaign or many of those similar competitors?

These services are pretty good and full-featured, but they are extremely expensive when you start to scale to any meaningful level.


There's a simple alternative to sending emails that works just as well.

It utilizes the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to send emails for a fraction of the cost you're paying (think 1/100th of the cost of MailChimp).

The product is Sendy, and I use it for a separate newsletter I send with about 6,000 daily recipients. 


To put the cost savings in perspective, MailChimp used to cost $200 to send emails daily to 10,000 people, at bare minimum. (They recently obfuscated their pricing so you can't...

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Thinking of selling a digital service? You need this.

It might to sound like I'm 'artificially' excited about this product in this post. Don't get the wrong impression, I'm not trying to sell you on anything, it's just how I express 'passion'. I just really think this product is awesome, and if you have an agency or marketing business (or want one), I need you to check it out, because I believe you are going to love it.


That said, this is about one specific product
 that kind of blew me away when I first realized how thoughtfully it was made. 

Quite honestly, I actually get excited just visiting this product's website because it gives me so many fun ideas. 

It also has a killer feature that you need to read about at the end.

Who is it for?

It's a great fit for you if that don't know where to start, if you want your own marketing business or agency, if you want to be an entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, or...

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Tools I Use That You Should Use Too

Here is a quick, simple list of some of the tools I recommend, and a simple description of what they're best used for. 

I've spent over $7,000,000 advertising online, and each and every one of these tools has helped me be more efficient in my marketing efforts.

I can't say any one tool is the absolute "best" product you'll ever use, because I don't have the time to be "perfect," but they've worked for me. Because of that, I can recommend them, and I know each of these can help anyone be more successful. 

This list won't be huge, because I only recommend things I actually use, but much more will be added soon...

Detailed reviews will be upcoming, along with pros and cons and why I've picked these vs. competitors, but for now, let's just cut to the chase:



Ahrefs - The best SEO research and tracking tool. Most people use this.

SurferSEO - Automated on-page optimization tool. Tells you exactly how to...

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Hustling vs. Spinning Your Wheels


We all know people who seem like they are going a million miles an hour.

You know the type.

Always on their phone, always chatting and always with something up their sleeve.

To most outside observers, these people are probably "successful."

After all, if they're that busy they must have a good sense of what they're doing at any given time, and they must have a plan for all of that energy expended.




It can certainly be de-motivational to compare yourself to those people when you are more methodical or if you don't know exactly what you're doing at any given time.


How can you compete?


Well, consider this...


What if the people that are going a million miles an hour are spinning their wheels?

What if, they're not actually achieving anything with their activity, and instead, they're around in circles trying the same thing over and over again in the hopes that it will finally work?

What if, success isn't always outwardly visible by...

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Free marketing tips and ideas to chomp on that will probably save you money & time. You'll also get discounts and special promotions for the tools, ad networks & other businesses I use and think you should be using too.