How To Outsource Your Way Out Of Being "Stuck"

Is there a project you're working on right now that feels like it's never going to get done?

Are you procrastinating and filling time with unrelated busy work just because the thing you know you actually need to do makes your head spin?

If you've paid attention to me over time, you'll recall one of the strategies I preach about when you encounter a roadblock is to remember that your best is enough, and that the way you want to do it is the only thing that matters.


But, sometimes that's not enough.

Sometimes, there are roadblocks that keep coming up that you can't "do your best" out of, either because you don't have the experience or because it's just that overwhelming.

What's the best thing to do in that situation, to get back on track and stop spinning your wheels?

The solution is simple, but it's a "dirty" word to many of you.

Many people even think this is cheating.

But, the fact is, many people just have a flawed idea of how to actually get things done. 

Many people have been taught to do things independently & power through the problem with effort their entire lives.

 They think, "if I can't do it all myself then I'm a failure."

So, what's the best solution for when you get stuck?



I'll say that again.


Identify the roadblock, identify what you're having trouble doing, describe it as best you can, and outsource it

It's OK to ask for help!

"But isn't it expensive to outsource?"

People usually have a very flawed idea of how much their own time is worth, and undervalue their time at the expense of money.

Is the roadblock you've encountered keeping you from finishing at least a day sooner? What is a day worth to you?

If it's a real roadblock, if could be wasting days, weeks or even months because you just can't wrap your mind around it.

How much is that inactivity costing you?

How much stress is it causing?

A lot more than you think!



"But I know how to do this myself, why would I outsource something I can do?"

Because again, your time is more valuable than you think. If someone else can do it, you can focus on the things you enjoy doing more.

Chances are, if you know how to do something but still can't get it done, there is a deeper 'emotional' issue related to your inability to overcome it.

You might have too much innate self-doubt about the topic, or feel a need to be perfect with it, or some other thought process that is preventing you from just executing it.

Skip that step. Free your mind. Let someone else do it.

A few things great things can happen when you outsource, and all of them are positive:

  • From simply talking to providers, you might iron out the kinks in your process and see a path past the roadblock yourself
  • You could find a different way of doing what you had planned
  • You will get re-energized by your vision for the project

There is no downside, and the few bucks you spend are part of the investment in yourself.

You're not cheating, you're being smart.

If you're afraid to ask for help, you're never going to grow.

So, how do you outsource?

These days, it couldn't be easier, and you're all probably familiar with the process already.

For one-off tasks, use Fiverr: (20% off your first order with this link) 

For tasks that require more oversight, milestones and more tracking, use UpWork: (sadly no unique sign-up deals that I can find)

I've got a wealth of experience using both services, so feel free to reply and ask any questions if you've got them. Happy to share some insight!

Semi-daily motivation: Getting help isn't failure, it's smart business.



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