My Favorite Tool For Automating Facebook Ads

Those of you who have experience with Facebook Ads know that it can be a pain to manage large amounts of campaigns, ad sets & ads.

(If you don't have experience, that's ok. This is valuable information to know as you grow on your journey, and something to keep in mind when you start having success and start realizing managing ads is not the best use of your precious time!)

You are likely familiar with the "rules" you can create on the Facebook Ads platform that are meant to help offload tedious work. But, you also know it can be difficult to know how to properly structure those rules to manage things effectively.

A ton of startups have popped up to help you understand the process of automating ads, but one stands above the rest in my experience & opinion.

Enter: RevealBot

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I run content arbitrage (link click traffic campaigns) that focus on getting visitors at a very low cost (CPC) on Facebook, and arbitraging them by generating more revenue through advertising when they visit my website than what I paid to acquire them.

My problem was that I have dozens of different pieces of content, and ads & ad sets go stale quicker than I can reasonably keep restarting them and creating new ones manually.

The solution?

With RevealBot, I set up very simple rules to automatically duplicate ad sets that stop spending above a certain amount, pause old ad sets, and then delete the old ad sets. (I delete the old ones since if I didn't my ad account limits would be reached)

The result? 

I haven't touched the ad account running my content campaigns in over a month, but they're still chugging along as if they were new.

When campaigns die down, they're 'rebooted' and Facebook gets a fresh look at all the ads and targeting. The ad sets end up eventually catching fire again, as long as I keep forcing Facebook Ads to pay attention and give them another shot.

RevealBot is actually designed more for CPA campaigns (sales, acquisition) and making sure they maximize profit, but I have managed to use it effectively for content arbitrage (link click traffic), and it is a huge weight off my shoulders.

I'll have a case study on this, but it's a great tool, check it out!

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- The Imperfect Marketer




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