Tools I Use That You Should Use Too

Here is a quick, simple list of some of the tools I recommend, and a simple description of what they're best used for. 

I've spent over $7,000,000 advertising online, and each and every one of these tools has helped me be more efficient in my marketing efforts.

I can't say any one tool is the absolute "best" product you'll ever use, because I don't have the time to be "perfect," but they've worked for me. Because of that, I can recommend them, and I know each of these can help anyone be more successful. 

This list won't be huge, because I only recommend things I actually use, but much more will be added soon...

Detailed reviews will be upcoming, along with pros and cons and why I've picked these vs. competitors, but for now, let's just cut to the chase:



Ahrefs - The best SEO research and tracking tool. Most people use this.

SurferSEO - Automated on-page optimization tool. Tells you exactly how to optimize a webpage to rank for a particular term, by analyzing direct competitors and best practices.

SEMRush - Also great for competitive research for SEO/SEM & a cool Link Building organization tool (7 day free trial).

OutreachPete - Best for natural, 100% legitimate high quality link building. Expensive, but worth it vs. cutting corners if you care about your website.


All-in-one platforms for selling digital products (courses, memberships, coaching)

Kajabi - The best platform for creating your own all-in-one platform for selling courses, memberships, coaching programs and more (my website and email is all hosted here)

Teachable - Simple and easy to use platform for selling your own courses, cheaper than Kajabi but less customization

Podia - Like Teachable, but even a bit simpler

Software for selling digital services

ServiceProviderPro (SPP) - Honestly just shockingly easy-to-use software for selling digital services (think "Fiverr", things like SEO packages, site audits, link building, blog writing etc.) If you want to sell a service product, check this site out, I think your imagination will run wild.

Managing your business & Web basics

QuickBooks Online - Stay organized with this great tool, don't overthink it. There are other startups there but this one is plenty powerful and easy to use. 50% off for the first 6 months when clicking the link above.

NameCheap - My choice for cheap domain registration. Simple, free private registration, and doesn't jump up in price over time. 

For affiliate marketers

Voluum - The best affiliate tracking software 

Monetizer Plus - Best way to automatically monetize extra traffic, and also simply make money as an affiliate without having to individually deal with offers/networks

Facebook Advertising & Automation

RevealBot - For advanced Facebook marketers. An awesome product that makes it easy to automate the management of advertising campaigns. I have this service automatically set up to duplicate my ad sets in a particular ad account when they start underperforming, while pausing and deleting old ones. Even though I haven't "changed" anything in months, RevealBot keeps everything running smoothly and "fresh," as if I was watching over all of my ads constantly. An incredible time saver, and I'm barely even using the main features.


For monetizing your website

Monumetric - A great alternative to Adsense, especially when you have a higher traffic site and would like to focus on monetizing pageviews instead of clicks

PropellerAds - For websites that might have trouble getting monetized more traditionally


For email marketing

Sendy - Cheapest and best software for sending emails to a large list. 100x cheaper than alternatives like MailChimp, uses Amazon's AWS to send emails. One-time fee instead of subscription, but some limited technical knowledge required for setup.

EmailOctopus - Cloud based alternative to Sendy. Perfect for people who don't want to deal with self-hosted software

ConvertKit - Best for email marketing automation to high value lists, retargeting, leads & contacts. Compare this to products like MailChimp, GetResponse etc. (Sendy and EmailOctopus are better for simple newsletters)



Integromat - A much cheaper Zapier that can do most of what Zapier can do and things it can't

Fiverr - Simplest way to outsource, as you probably already know. I've found it best for simple design projects, content writing & translations.

Much more to add here, stay tuned, and feel free to request any specific recommendations!


Be excellent, not perfect.

- The Imperfect Marketer




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