The Fatal Advertising Mistake That Kills Campaigns (That I Still Make)

There's a common advertising mistake people make whether they're experienced at marketing or not. This mistake can tank campaigns before they even begin, and can even destroy entire businesses if steps aren't taken right away.

Even though I should know better, this is a mistake I continue to make on a regular basis. 

So, what is the mistake I'm referencing? 

It's simple: I launch advertising campaigns before they're even close to ready, just to "see what happens."

In the excitement and optimism that comes with getting a new product or service out into the world, I get overly optimistic about what I just created, because it's fresh in my head and I think the world will see it as I do. I delude myself into thinking that all I need to do is get my idea out into the world without thinking through a solid marketing plan.

In short, my brain wants to see the reward for the hard work I put into creating something, and launching a quick campaign is its way of shortcutting to the dopamine hit that can come with results.

Why is this a fatal mistake?

Logically, I "know" these haphazard campaigns that aren't going to work. I "know" the competition is tough and I should know better. 

So, "logically," I shouldn't be affected by these shortcut campaigns, they're just me blowing off steam and having some fun, right?

Unfortunately, logic doesn't help when I see a campaign floundering or generating poor results. Even though I "logically" expected it, seeing an ad campaign for a product or service you really believe in perform poorly is terrible for morale.

Seeing the product or service you want to advertise not resonating with people the way you know it should kills motivation.

You get frustrated. You start questioning everything, even though you are aware of the exact flawed reasoning you had that made you feel that way.

Worst case, if you let it drag on too long, you start questioning the business you're in and whether you can even succeed. 


What should you do instead?

Resist the urge to "get it out there no matter what." Think your strategy through, think about your targeting and your ads until you're confident you've really put the effort into a campaign. Never launch an ad campaign that you can't hold your head up high at, no matter the result.


There's a powerful new way to keep you from making this exact mistake

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I never thought something like this could work for me. I never thought this simple idea could consistently motivate me or make the lasting changes to my habits I had tried over and over to change.

In fact, I would have laughed at anyone that suggested it. 

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It can work in subtle ways for you, or it can be like a daily sledgehammer, but no matter what, I believe anyone can use it to be more productive, happier and simply more successful in everything they do.

What is it?

If you've ever heard of Noom®, this new service is similar, but instead of weight loss, it's all about business, marketing, life & personal motivation. 

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What makes Noom® unique? 

Of course, the app educates people about weight loss and helps count calories, but so does every other weight loss app.

What makes Noom® different is that it reinforces the psychological power of daily affirmation and refocusing by asking users to use the app for a minimum of 5 minutes a day. 

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