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The Fatal Advertising Mistake That Kills Campaigns (That I Still Make)

There's a common advertising mistake people make whether they're experienced at marketing or not. This mistake can tank campaigns before they even begin, and can even destroy entire businesses if steps aren't taken right away.

Even though I should know better, this is a mistake I continue to make on a regular basis. 

So, what is the mistake I'm referencing? 

It's simple: I launch advertising campaigns before they're even close to ready, just to "see what happens."

In the excitement and optimism that comes with getting a new product or service out into the world, I get overly optimistic about what I just created, because it's fresh in my head and I think the world will see it as I do. I delude myself into thinking that all I need to do is get my idea out into the world without thinking through a solid marketing plan.

In short, my brain wants to see the reward for the hard work I put into creating something, and launching a...

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My Favorite Tool For Automating Facebook Ads

Those of you who have experience with Facebook Ads know that it can be a pain to manage large amounts of campaigns, ad sets & ads.

(If you don't have experience, that's ok. This is valuable information to know as you grow on your journey, and something to keep in mind when you start having success and start realizing managing ads is not the best use of your precious time!)

You are likely familiar with the "rules" you can create on the Facebook Ads platform that are meant to help offload tedious work. But, you also know it can be difficult to know how to properly structure those rules to manage things effectively.

A ton of startups have popped up to help you understand the process of automating ads, but one stands above the rest in my experience & opinion.

Enter: RevealBot

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I run content arbitrage (link click traffic campaigns) that focus on getting visitors at a...

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