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The Hidden Inspiration We All Share

I recently went back to my childhood home, which I do quite often, and my mom had unearthed a few boxes of my old projects and assignments from elementary school that I hadn't seen in many, many years.

As I looked through the things I had written and drawn back then, I was taken aback. Yes, my writing was full of spelling and grammatical errors, and yes for the most part the "art" looked like it was done by an 8 year old, but there was something special about the spirit behind it all that I couldn't shake.

It was the unbridled creativity inspiring the ideas and drawings that made me realize just how uncreative I had become. It didn't matter that the execution wasn't perfect, because the true power of what I created back then was the limitless innocence and optimism that oozed out of it.

It was very inspiring to me to see that I once had that unconstrained ability, and so I wondered where it had gone. Why is it so difficult for me to be as naturally...

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How To Outsource Your Way Out Of Being "Stuck"

Is there a project you're working on right now that feels like it's never going to get done?

Are you procrastinating and filling time with unrelated busy work just because the thing you know you actually need to do makes your head spin?

If you've paid attention to me over time, you'll recall one of the strategies I preach about when you encounter a roadblock is to remember that your best is enough, and that the way you want to do it is the only thing that matters.


But, sometimes that's not enough.

Sometimes, there are roadblocks that keep coming up that you can't "do your best" out of, either because you don't have the experience or because it's just that overwhelming.

What's the best thing to do in that situation, to get back on track and stop spinning your wheels?

The solution is simple, but it's a "dirty" word to many of you.

Many people even think this is cheating.

But, the fact is, many people just have a...

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