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The Best Service For Acquiring Natural SEO Links - OutreachPete

I have a high value website that ranks well on Google and gets a ton of organic traffic.

The crazy thing is, that website has done almost all of that on its own.

It's been around for a long time (decade +), but I had never paid attention to SEO and have never spent time any time or energy maximizing the website's SEO value. 

I just didn't have the time.

I also was deftly afraid of angering Google by going against their terms and artificially inflating my website with temporary "high value links." This website was and is way too valuable to mess with anything "black hat."

I decided to find out what I could actually do legitimately when I realized how much extra room there was to grow and get even more of the free "SEO" traffic everyone craves!

Getting SEO value

First, I tackled the "on-site" SEO, where I paid attention to site & page structure and optimized for best practices. Since I didn't have the time or the up-to-date expertise, I did...

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My Favorite Tool For Automating Facebook Ads

Those of you who have experience with Facebook Ads know that it can be a pain to manage large amounts of campaigns, ad sets & ads.

(If you don't have experience, that's ok. This is valuable information to know as you grow on your journey, and something to keep in mind when you start having success and start realizing managing ads is not the best use of your precious time!)

You are likely familiar with the "rules" you can create on the Facebook Ads platform that are meant to help offload tedious work. But, you also know it can be difficult to know how to properly structure those rules to manage things effectively.

A ton of startups have popped up to help you understand the process of automating ads, but one stands above the rest in my experience & opinion.

Enter: RevealBot

[Enter discount code REVEALFRIENDS for 30% off the first month]

I run content arbitrage (link click traffic campaigns) that focus on getting visitors at a...

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Tools I Use That You Should Use Too

Here is a quick, simple list of some of the tools I recommend, and a simple description of what they're best used for. 

I've spent over $7,000,000 advertising online, and each and every one of these tools has helped me be more efficient in my marketing efforts.

I can't say any one tool is the absolute "best" product you'll ever use, because I don't have the time to be "perfect," but they've worked for me. Because of that, I can recommend them, and I know each of these can help anyone be more successful. 

This list won't be huge, because I only recommend things I actually use, but much more will be added soon...

Detailed reviews will be upcoming, along with pros and cons and why I've picked these vs. competitors, but for now, let's just cut to the chase:



Ahrefs - The best SEO research and tracking tool. Most people use this.

SurferSEO - Automated on-page optimization tool. Tells you exactly how to...

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Free marketing tips and ideas to chomp on that will probably save you money & time. You'll also get discounts and special promotions for the tools, ad networks & other businesses I use and think you should be using too.