SEO Case Study #1


We had a partner with a high traffic website that wanted to bring more traffic to particularly popular piece of content.

Over the course of ~4 months, we generated a #1 ranking on Google for the highest volume, most competitive keywords they were after.

This resulted in a 300% traffic gain, which has been maintained over time.

(The client and any potentially identifying keywords & data have been obfuscated to protect their privacy)


The problem:


Our client has a content website that generates well over a million organic visitors a month. It's in a competitive space, with high volume keywords.

They had a successful piece of content that people liked, but they were struggling to grow traffic to that page because of how competitive the space was.

They had talked to other SEO agencies and providers, and couldn't figure out who to trust.

Some providers expected them to know exactly what they needed. As in, exactly which SEO "services" they needed in order to get where they wanted to go. They had no idea, because few people have that type of experience.

Some seemed like they were skirting the "rules" of SEO, trying to game Google instead of impress it.

Some even promised results, which is a big no-no. (Even we can't predict what Google will do, so we don't promise specific results.)

Some wanted them to pay for an "SEO audit," only to leave them with a thousand tasks to "optimize" for. They didn't have that kind of time.

They were lost and overwhelmed. And, frankly, a bit disillusioned with the idea of "SEO."

So, they came to us and asked us what we could do.



Our plan:


The Plan: SEO Growth

Budget: 10k initial investment, 7.5k monthly outreach budget


First things first. We don't do "black hat." As in, we don't use tricks or hacks to get the job done. No "PBNs," no domain redirects, nothing that could de-legitimize our work in the eyes of Google.

If you work with us to grow organic traffic, you aren't looking over your back every day worried that Google will punish you.

After studying their website, their competition, and the specific keywords they needed to rank for, we came up with a plan.

Our plan touched on a number of high leverage elements that we knew would move the needle.

First things first, we cleaned up the content on their webpage. It required a good amount of optimization to compete with the other websites rankings in their space. 

This included everything from optimizing heading tags (H1, H2, etc.), to adding more high value content that included the right related keywords, to optimizing images and code to make sure the page was loading quickly without the slowdown that ads can provide.

Next, we optimized the internal linking structure of their website. That meant that we made sure internal links (from page to page on that website) were being distributed efficiently, so that the highest value pages were linked to the most, and extraneous pages were de-prioritized.

As all of that was going on, we started on our outreach program. 

This is the process of identifying and reaching out to external websites that were a good fit for our client's niche. This included websites our client's competitors were already getting links from, as well as new websites that matched their content and the context of what their content was about.




The results:


SEO takes time.  Unfortunately, unlike paid traffic, you have to invest upfront and on an ongoing monthly basis, and hope that the results of your labor show up over time.

That's why we require a minimum of 3 months in order to gauge impact.

In this client's case, we started seeing results around the 3 month mark.

Our client's "most difficult" keyword to rank for was a 64 on Keyword Difficulty scale. 

It was a keyword that a lot of big, established companies were ranking for, including the original creators of the keyword itself. (Think multi billion dollar entertainment conglomerates.)

It was also a high volume keyword, which was what made it attractive to begin with. If they could rank higher for this keyword, even incrementally, they increase in traffic would make it all worth it.


Traffic growth to the target webpage itself:

Keyword ranking for their #1 keyword target:

This chart shows our client's website (#1), along with the lower ranking competitors on Despite having a far lower Ahrefs DR, and having many fewer backlinks, our clients took the top spot in Google's rankings and have maintained it since.

In all, our work produced:

  • #1 Google ranking for their top 2 keyword targets
  • 300% increase in traffic to the target webpage
  • An increase of approx. 4x more keywords that the target page ranked in the top 100 for, including an increase of ~2.5x the number of keywords that ranked from 1-3.

Our client enjoyed an increase in many hundreds of thousands of monthly organic visitors to their website, and were able to expand into campaigns for other pages and niches to grow even further.



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